Volkswagen in America: The Story Goes On

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Everyone described Bill as “Transformational” and they were right. I’m not blowing smoke when I say he's done more for us in the first three weeks than most of our partners have in the first year.
Ola Gambaro
Board Member - Hungry Fan

How I can help you grow.

  • Get yourself and/or your team aligned around the value of branding
  • Identify the greatest opportunities that exist for your brand
  • Develop the insights, clarity, structure, and direction you need to create a powerhouse brand
  • Create brand strategies that can 5X your business
  • Use strategic storytelling to reach your goals 3X faster
  • Develop clear and actionable steps forward

Ways we can work together:


Problem Solving

If you’re feeling stuck and aren’t sure how to move your business forward, my coaching services are designed for you.

Through personalized coaching sessions, I work with individuals and organizations to:

  • Conduct brand reviews and/or marketing audits
  • Help refine or elevate their brand strategy
  • Problem solve against a particular business or marketing challenge
  • Brainstorm ways to move your brand or business forward
  • Provide solid CMO support, strategy, and/or sound boarding
  • And more


Brand Building

If you don’t already have a strong brand strategy in place, or find yourself in need of a rebranding effort, my structured workshops are designed for you.

Created for both personal and professional brands, these workshops help businesses:

  • Gain clarity on how to grow your business with your brand
  • Effectively engage new and existing audiences
  • Differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Establish a strong brand foundation
  • Develop an ownable brand strategy
  • Craft a meaningful, relevant, and sustainable brand story
  • Bring greater consistency to communications
  • Create clear action plans for achieving your goals
  • Make sales easier
  • Accelerate growth


Public Speaking

My speaking engagements are designed to educate and inspire internal teams or large groups on the power of brand and show how Strategic Storytelling™ can give you an unfair competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Speaking engagements cover several topics including, but not limited to:

  • What is Storytelling and how does it work?
  • How do big brands dominate their categories?
  • How can new or emerging brands create successful campaigns against category heavyweights?
  • How did overnight success stories leverage brand in their growth?
  • How to align sales and marketing into a well-oiled machine