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Unleash your brand’s full potential with my high-energy Brand Strategy Workshop! In just a few hours, we’ll dive deep into your brand, uncover hidden opportunities, and illuminate the path to success.

This isn’t your average workshop – it’s a dynamic, immersive experience that’ll leave you inspired and energized. Plus, we’ll deliver results in record time so you can get back to growing your business.

Don’t miss out on the chance to skyrocket your success – join me for the Brand Strategy Workshop today!

I am thrilled with the experience I had working with Bill Harper. From the start, he took the time to understand my brand's purpose. Bill created a clear, actionable plan to help me achieve my business goals in the next year. I am now filled with motivation and excitement for what the future holds.
Kimberly Lim
Founder & CEO - Sun Kissed & Co.

Who is a
Brand Strategy for?

Ready to lay the foundation for your brand’s explosive growth? Look no further than the Brand Strategy Workshop!

Whether you’re a solopreneur or just starting out as an entrepreneur, this workshop is tailor-made for you. Say goodbye to minimal marketing and no brand story, and hello to a dynamic experience that’ll transform your brand in record time.

You don’t need a fortune to invest in comprehensive brand development – we’ll show you how to create a strong foundation for success, no matter where you’re starting from.

Don’t wait to unlock your brand’s full potential – join us for the Brand Strategy Workshop today!

How do you benefit?

By the end of the 2-hour intensive workshop, you will have:

  • An understanding of how brand works 
  • The ability to differentiate yourself from the competition
  • A compelling value proposition that can be used to generate interest, secure funding, or attract new customers.
  • Clarity on how you can use your brand to accelerate business growth
  • Clearly defined business goals and evaluation metrics for the next 12 months
  • A solid brand foundation for your business

What will we cover?

Here’s what you can expect when you purchase a Brand Strategy Workshop from me:

We start with pre-workshop preparations. Upon purchase, I will send you a link to a Google Drive folder where you can upload any pertinent brand documents you want me to review, such as: visual identity, existing marketing materials, marketing strategies, sales materials, etc.

Don’t worry – if you don’t have any of these things, that’s 100% ok. But if you’re already doing some sales and marketing, it’s helpful for me to see what you’re working with, so I can understand where the brand is and make appropriate recommendations. Before our workshop, I’ll conduct a thorough review and audit of your current brand and/or marketing materials.

We will also send you and your participating Stakeholders a Discovery Survey. This survey will be completed by each stakeholder independently at least 3 days in advance of our session. The purpose of this survey is to understand how each stakeholder sees the business from their unique point of view including:

  • Short-term business goals
  • Ultimate business objectives
  • Opportunities and challenges
  • Audience definition
  • Key competitors

Next, we work together in a 1-hour intensive workshop where we will:

  • Review the key components of a strong brand, the importance of consistency, and effective storytelling techniques.
  • Define your BIG 3 – the 3 goals you will aim to achieve in the next 12 months and how you will measure your success toward those goals
  • Identify challenges and opportunities for brand growth
  • Define your ONE THING – how you can uniquely stand apart from your competition
  • Develop your Elevator Pitch
  • Create a strategic brand action plan for the next 12 months

What you get

Upon completion of my Brand Sprint Workshop, you will receive:

  • Brand Overview – A comprehensive 1-page document that clearly defines the language of your brand, how you want to be perceived in the marketplace, and what your unique value proposition is for your target audience.
  • Brand Overview – A simple, concise document that you can share with anyone – investor, staff, partner, etc. – that conveys the essence of the brand, what it stands for, greatest value, brand experience, and reason to believe. So simple, a 5-year-old could understand it.
  • Elevator Pitch – A succinct statement that allows you to quickly articulate your brand’s value proposition to potential customers.
  • Strategic Action Plan – 3-5 specific initiatives, business or marketing, that will help to raise awareness and engagement with the brand. These recommendations will be in alignment with the brand’s business goals.
  • Video recording of our workshop.


This is a fixed-price engagement with a total fee of


Payment is due in two parts:

  • 50% due upon signing (deposit payment required to begin work and secure dates)
  • 50% due upon delivery of strategic action plan
I originally reached out to Bill for a redesign of my completely outdated website. What I received was a holistic revamp of my personal and professional brand that was sorely needed. Bill gently led me through a process of discovery that resulted in a new name, a new look and a renewed focus. I could not be happier with the results and sing his praises as my “brand guru” to everyone.
Karin Reed
Founder & CEO - Speaker Dynamics

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the workshops for?

Our workshops are designed for individuals, small businesses, and personal brand leaders that are looking for a clear path to growth and scale. In these workshops, we focus on and tackle specific business and messaging challenges that are keeping your business from reaching its full potential – then give you the tools you need to reach your goals.
Yes! I personally lead all coaching engagements.
Personalized guidance, support, and accountability from me, Bill Harper. Your workshop will be focused on understanding your business, goals, challenges, and opportunities – then helping you develop a clear path to achieving them. Whether you’re looking to develop a unique brand strategy or story, align sales and marketing efforts, tackle a specific competitor challenge, or just prepare to take things to the next level, I can provide you with the support and guidance you need to succeed.
My discovery call is 15-minutes, during which we will target specific aspects of your business to ensure our time together is productive and efficient.
Yes! Many clients continue on for months and sometimes years. I enjoy being a part of their growth journey!

Yes! I am also the founder and CEO of WMH – a full-service brand strategy and marketing agency focused on growth-minded businesses in the $25M – $250M range.

For more information, you can visit WMH here.

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